Sounds of Pluralism GBC – Beautiful Mashup Song by Irfan Ally iab

Irfan Ali iab

Irfan Ally iab, a musician from Gojal, Hunza, has launched a beautiful mashup song with the title “Sounds of Pluralism – GBC”. The singer along with a few other artists from Gilgi-Baltistan based in Karachi, has come up with the mashup that includes famous songs in Balti, Burushaski, Khowar, Shina and Wakhi languages.

Singer: Irfan Ally iab

Rabab: Jibran Karim

Daff: Nafees Khalfan

Sitar: Juma Khan Aasi

Poetry by:

Balti: Nasir Shigri

Brushaski: Shahid Akhtar Qalandar

Khowar: Zar Wali Khan Wali

Shina: Mudassir Ahmad Dipak

Wakhi: Nazir Ahmad Bulbul

Produced by Irfan Ally IAB in collaboration with Pamir Times and AKRSP.

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