Ho Jao Aazad by Zoe Viccaji Released in Support with Serena Hotels

Zoe Viccaji

Zoe Viccaji is getting more and more attached with Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral now a days. First, she featured in Irfan Ali Taj’s single video “Ashiqi Angar” and now she has released her new song “Ho Jao Aazad” which is shot is Naran-Kaghan and scenic valleys in Gilgit-Baltistan like Shigar, Khaplu and Hunza. The video was sponsored by Serena Hotels

Watch Ho Jao Aazad by Zoe Viccaji

Imran Hunzai
Imran Hunzai is a Digital Media Consultant and activist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. When free, he likes to travel, do photography and play Rabab. He also runs a HONY inspired blog called Humans of Hunza. Follow him of Twitter @ihunzai.

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